Pratap Bhanu Mehta in his opinion piece in the Indian Express writes about the 5 steps in which BJP is trying to consolidate the majoritarian sentiment. Below, I give powerful examples from Amit Malviya‘s twitter posts about how the strategy is so true and unfolded. Do note that there are many tweets from this account that follow the pattern below.

  1. Discriminate.
  2. Just follow a few outspoken BJP mouthpieces – Amit Malaviya is definitely one – on various social media to track how the narrative for a particular agenda is being driven. A few others are Tareq Fatah, David Frawley and of course Sambit Patra.

  3. Make sure there is no institutional redress.
  4. Use protest as further proof of the perfidy of minorities, intellectuals and other so-called anti-nationals.
  5. Call for violence to be unleashed.
  6. The actual tweet that has been has been hidden by Twitter stating it violates twitter rules. But Amit Malaviya retweeted another of Kapil Misra‘s tweets which is fairly discriminating.

  7. Blame them for violence.