Here is a short but insightful talk about naming a brand by Jonathan Bell.

Summarising the 7 ways of Naming:

  • Eponymous: Embody the the vision and beliefs or a simple homage of their founders or inspiration. e.g., Disney, TATA.
  • Descriptive names: Tell what the company does. e.g., American Airlines, Hindustan Petroleum.
  • Acronymic: Shorthand versions of descriptive names; e.g., GE, Amul.
  • Suggestive: Suggest attributes or benefits; e.g,
    • Real: Uber, Nestle; Composite: Facebook, Carwale; Invented: Kleenex, Airtel
  • Associative: Reflecting imagery and meaning. e.g., Amazon, Reliance.
  • Non English: Non-English words implying the benefit. e.g. Lego, Vistara.
  • Abstract: have no intrinsic meaning but instead rely on the power of phonetics to create really powerful brand names. e.g., Rolex, Zomato