OTA Updates for Mokee AOSP

This is a quick update to the blow posts on updating custom ROM on your Android phone. I have been using Mokee (Installation instructions here and here) based on Google AOSP (Android 4.4.4) for some time now and it has been super stable and smooth.

Mokee supports Over The Air (OTA) updates and you can download small patches from time to time which upgrade the OS to the latest stable release. But if you have installed it on System 3, then the updates aren’t as automatic as you’d expect. Below are simple steps to update manually if you haven’t figure it out yet.

  • Goto Settings > MoKee Center > Updater & sync for updates. The relevant patch should be shown under ‘Available Updates’ usually the title will clearly show 2 dates. The date of MoKee version you have on your phone and the current release. I would recommend checking stable release option when checking for updates.
  • Click on download.  The download path is usually sdcard0 > mkupdater. Once the full patch is downloaded, restart your phone.
  • When BMM comes up, tap on Recovery > Switch system > System 3 (or the System where you have MoKee installed).
  • Tap on Install zip package, then tap on Install a zip package, locate the MoKee patch file that you downloaded and select it (Power button (use Volume keys to scroll). Tap on Yes to start the installation process.
  • When installation is completed, go back to the main recovery menu and select reboot options and then tap on Reboot to reboot your phone
  • Then boot into BMM again, go to Recovery, tap on System Keeper and then install BMM on main system (which is System 1).
  • Reboot to the system on which you have MoKee running.

You have the updated MoKee running on your phone. And btw, backup stuff before you do this update, just in case.

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