Investing in digital media remains as clear or unclear as it was 10 years ago.

  1. The next big platform/shiny new plaything is presented and pushed for in every other meeting.
  2. Viral videos still remain the elusive holy grail.
  3. Gratification is still the goto tactic for engaging users.
  4. Statistics are still thrown without any cross-check.
  5. Social listening is still about keywords and sentiments.
  6. CPM rates are still the same (actually crashing).
  7. Defining objective, success and knowing if strategies are working is still a challenge.
  8. Budgets are still “limited”.
  9. “Digital agencies are still young kids having fun” (Pops’ actual statement), and
  10. Digital Marketers still tom-tom and showoff every little non-achievement.

This snippet I posted on LinkedIn, post a frustrating meeting with a digital agency, garnered the maximum engagements of a post I wrote on that site. About 7,500+ views, 34 likes and 28 comments.

Among the comments that followed, there were a few that continued this series. Summary of the important ones below.

  1. There are no big success models and digital is not any cheaper for the same impact that traditional media provides.
  2. Lack of distinction between ATL and BTL spends in Digital is confusing allocation to Digital much more.
  3. Not many digital agencies manage to unravel properly the variety of measurement and variety of options that digital media provides.
  4. Click farms still run amok in China and Bangladesh.