Came across an interesting compilation on The future of Masculinity  (behind a registration gate) by Faith Popcorn which had a couple of good articles. It had a nice talk between her and Michael Kimmel and an article by CEO of Promundo which I thought had interesting insights on what they are seeing.

Michael Kimmel:

  • Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, opioid abuse – all of these are the symptoms of dealing with unbearable pain of depression. They are expressing anger, which is just a way of dealing with pain.
  • Young people know much better than older people on how to deal with gender fluidity and they are being asked to mentor older coworkers on it.
  • Men are still not ready for women who are strong, equal or superior.
  • Men are actually living far more egalitarian lives and they’re enjoying more involvement with the kids, more caregiving.
  • The world is moving away from the ideology of masculinity that held for so many years: stoic, never show your feelings, powerful. Men getting rich, getting laid.
  • While men are still strong, stoic, powerful, competitive, showing a kinder, gentler, nicer, more nurturing side is the trend.
  • There are new icons of masculinity in the culture – strong leaders who have tremendous empathy, who aren’t afraid to cry. Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau.


  • Young men are hanging on to a tough guy version of manhood, a belief they have to control women, that a real man doesn’t back down from a fight, and the like… particularly among young men who are worried about their work prospects. They find some self-worth by taking on the tough guy routine.
  • Experiencing and witnessing physical violence at home is the largest single driver of men’s use of violence against women and their own use of violence against children.
  • While men are a bit less likely to be depressed than women, they are far less likely to seek help or even tell anyone.
  • Key drivers for believing in gender equality are having men in the household who did hands-on care work and having mothers who worked.