A few months ago a video about our PM was shared on Whatsapp, the place where anything shared is taken as the gospel truth by Bhakts.

It was a short clip of a talk in March 2018 by a doctor called BM Hegde, who was a VC of Manipal University. In this talk he recounts his experience of meeting Narendra Modi, the then CM of Gujarat, a couple of times in 2002.

The usual adulation accompanied this share on WhatsApp. Of how hard our PM works, if only his predecessors were half as good, how humble and diligent he is in taking notes, how he doesn’t forget good people etc.

A part of me was wondering, why does a CM travel all alone on a foreign trip that too to London? Was he really humble enough to go and pick up water rather than asking for it at his seat? Plus, there were some weird things about what he said. A simple search led to this video from 2014.

This is an election video promoting Narendra Modi for PM.  A few events are recounted differently or altogether missing between these two videos.

  • 1st video: Conversation on improvement in Bihar’s health > 2nd video: Insightful question on Health
  • 1st video: Got a call after 2 months later from Gujarat Health minister – Jai Narayan Vyas > 2nd video: 4 years later got a call from Gujarat Health minister – Jai Narayan Vyas
  • 1st video: Modi reads an article in Bhavan’s Journal > 2nd video: Boss was impressed by his article on “pre-natal causes of post-natal disease”
  • 1st video: Modi waiting to receive him with ministers, bureaucrats and educationists outside the auditorium by 9:45 (emphasised multiple times)> 2nd video: He reached there 9-9:30 and Modi arrived at 9:45
  • 1st video: Dr. Hegde talks for an hour about his ideas, questions for 1 hour, Modi asks questions for an hour and tells the gathering about what he learnt from his notes, lunch, 15 mins rest, gathering mention their ideas, Modi’s orders for implementation > 2nd video: Dr.Hegde talked for an hour, questions for 1.3 hours, Modi talks for about an hour (which Hegde doesn’t understand as it was in Gujarati), lunch followed by one-on-one meeting for 2 hours, tea, Modi’s conclusions and recommendations
  • 1st video: Infant mortality reduction in Gujarat reduced due to mid-day meal scheme
  • 1st video: Not saying vote for him, vote if you like > 2nd video: Modi is not a fascist but a misunderstood human being, media is not true

Surely, some one of Dr. Hegde’s intellect cannot forget such important things as he vividly recounts the series of events.  Don’t these talks sound a little suspicious?