How much does an Enfield cost to maintain?

I own a 350cc Royal Enfield Thunderbird of 2006 vintage. In an earlier post, I commented that, “it’s frankly one of the worst bikes to maintain.” Since 2012, I have been tracking how much I have been spending on regular maintenance and repairs (might have missed a bill or two). And below is the breakup.

In total I have spent about Rs.33,600 for the service visits shown above and each visit sets me back by about Rs.2800 on average and Rs.3580 if you exclude visits for minor problems. My bike, I realised, typically needs about 2 such visits every year.  The above is data from 2012 alone and I suspect, I spent as much in the first 6 years as well. That’s close to 69% of the bikes original cost (and bought it when it at a tad below Rs.1 lakh) in repairs and maintenance in 13 years.

I don’t know how it compares with other bikes. But, my take is that Enfields, in general, are poorly engineered bikes mad with bade quality material (definitely the spares) and hence require high maintenance.

Top of 2017

I don’t promote this blog much and not many people know of this blog or visit it regularly. It’s there as a place to capture my thoughts on random things. Nonetheless, here are the most read posts of 2017 on this blog. Yes, you can see them on the side of this post. But still…

  1. Values of Indian FMCG Companies: I think there are too many MBA students trying to do write some project report. Otherwise, I don’t know why this post from 2013 is one of the most read posts on my blog.
  2. JBL C100SI vs C150SI: Guess many people want to figure out how good the budget earphones of JBL are.
  3. Never again to a Fortis associate hospital: Since I’ve written this post, I had to get admitted once at this place due to low platelet count thanks to Dengue. They remain as business minded as ever and tried to drag their feed when it came to discharging as they wanted to add one more day to my stay.
  4. The New Santoor baby ad: Parents all over continue to hunt for a chance to get their baby into an ad. It can be very agonising for babies if the right director isn’t at the helm for what can be a pittance of a pay. Here’s a nice video by Vox on how it works in the US. Sorry to say, India isn’t as professional yet.
  5. # of Combinations – 9 point pattern unlock: So there a lot of adults still retaining their curiosity. Keep it up guys.

In 2018, I plan to write and post far more often on a variety of topics. One of my resolutions. Let’s see how that goes.

A deeper look into the Fin Serv emails that go to SPAM (5/5)

Following the previous post on brands and products from financial service firms, here is a look at some of the actual emails that I got during those 2 months.

The we don’t want you to know who we are emails:  A huge chunk of emails just landed without any brand name in them. Some have a bit of design going into them, most don’t.

The PowerPoint slide converted to email: What’s the point in sending this badly designed email?

The overzealous marketers: Every festive occasions is a spam occasion.

The template so old that we don’t care: This is an actual email I received on my birthday and no it’s not Gmail that didn’t load the images!
ICICI template without images

The we’ve got one spam email to make it count email: This has to be one of the longest spam email’s I got. Pretty much the entire website seems to have been emailed!
MaxMyWealth email

The bad databases: Nothing can put you off more than an email telling you to marry once again and this time with their loan.
StanC personal loan for wedding

The cut-paste code gone wrong: This one was a just about filling the space.
Aegon email with message repeated

Just as I blogged about this analysis elsewhere, I got this email from DSP BlackRock MF with an appalling mistake – they  incorrectly mentioned the potential returns of a lumpsum investment as that for a SIP thereby making an error of the magnitude of 100x. In a correction to the email, they failed to convert millions to crores correctly. It really tells you about the state of email marketing in India and those who man it, doesn’t it?