JBL T110I vs C100SI vs C150SI

A few months ago, I compared 2 VFM head phones from the stable of JBL – C100SI and C150SI. This one compares a third one T110I.

The Harman site lists the following audio specs…

Driver 9mm driver Advanced 9mm driver Advanced 9mm driver
Impedence 16±3.2 ohms 16±3.2 ohms
Frequency Range 20-20kHz 20-20kHz 20-20kHz
Maximum SPL 5mW 5mW
Driver Sensitivity 100±3dBSPL, 1mW 100±3dBSPL, 1mW
Rated power input 3mW 3mW
Headphone Jack 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
Cord Length (m) 1.2M 1.2M 1.2M

Not much right. So, here are the audiocheck results.

Frequency Response
     Bass  20Hz 30Hz
    Treble  16kHz 16 kHz
Perceptual Sweep Spectral Flatness Good Good
Dynamic Test 72 dBFS 66 dBFS
Bass Shake Rattles  40Hz onwards
Full Range Sweep  Good Good
Wiring  Good Good
Polarity  Good Good
Binaural Test  Good Good

As you can see from the above, T110I one is slightly better than C150SI in terms of bass frequency response and noise isolation. It also feels snug in the ear and doesn’t hurt the earlobes on prolonged wear unlike the C150SI which is bent at a very odd angle and can hurt sometimes.

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