Battery issues on Oneplus One

A couple of days ago, I started facing a reboot loop on my phone. The phone powered down after a complete battery drain. The reboot loop started after I turned it on after a bit of charging. Then even with battery 100% full, the reboot loop persisted.

The only way to keep the phone running was to have it plugged into the power constantly. It’s exactly similar to the problem described here. While I figured it was a battery problem, many online forums pointed to reinstalling software.So, I quickly made a backup of the important stuff on the phone as I could enter the recovery mode with the USB cable plugged on. Then reinstalled OS without luck.

While LineageOS got installed after a couple of tries, I couldn’t install (don’t know why). Which sort of put me off.

If your phone is ~2.5-3 years old and if you face a fast drain or reboot loop with OnePlus One, highly likely the battery is dead. Don’t bother reinstalling OS or doing these trouble shooting steps (Troubleshooting > Battery, Power, Charging > Device cannot power on). It’s a waste of 17 hours!

Finally I got the battery replaced at Heera Panna yesterday. This was because the OnePlus service center, which by the way promises a 1 hour service,  informed me that it’ll take them 15 days to order a replacement battery for the Oneplus one. There was no way that I could survive for those many days without a phone (especially with a Jio connection).

And since I was put off by my GApps experience, my quest  to use a pure AOSP without Google & Google Play Services started. A post on that soon.

If you are in Mumbai and looking for a good place to get the phone repaired, check this list or go to Heera Panna where you are very likely to find someone who can repair a phone in any condition. Almost every electronic shop there has some sort of repairing center. The only bit of advise, ask around and find a guy who you think knows his stuff and has the requisite parts. I found a shop called Dhruv collection (Shop # 33), 022 23512215 where the owner had a good knowledge of OnePlus models and did the replacement himself. I got the battery replaced in 5 minutes flat but had to wait ~30 minutes to charge and check it to my satisfaction.

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